Race 9 Newsletter

Race 9 Newsletter

Race Day Order

Masters (Track Cleanup)
Jr. Heavy
Sr. Medium
Cadet Jr. Light (Track Setup)

Track: (CCW-Standard Config) – Heats

Race Day Sponsor

When you’re buying or selling a home (or both), your success hinges upon the expert advice and services provided by your real estate agent. Today’s race day sponsor Realtor Rebecca Motz is committed to providing their clients with professional services based on past experience, knowledge and skills.

The place to start is by visiting their website at realtorrebeccamotz.ca. The website will provide you with advice for both selling your current home and finding the home of your dreams. When selling there are tips to ensure you sell fast, and achieve the highest possible price. If you are looking for your first home, or upgrading to the home of your dreams, you will find tips to help you find the ideal home and make sure you get it without over paying. The website is filled with resources to help you quickly understand what you need to know to make smart decisions regardless of whether you are buying, or selling.

The WRKC would like to thank Realtor Rebecca Motz for sponsoring today’s race. Rebecca has a reputation for putting her clients first. Anytime you want information on the market, or are ready to buy or sell your current home she would love to talk to you about your needs and goals, there are never any obligations. She can be reached by visiting the web site at the link above, or by calling 519-580-9661.

Annual Waiver

All personnel (Drivers and Crew) must complete the mandatory online waiver to be permitted to be on track, in the grid or at the scale areas – penalties may apply for non-compliance.
Link: speedwaiver.com




1st Cody Shaw

2nd Tyler Del Bel Belluz

3rd Nathan Stockwell

4th Everett Potter

5th James Miller


1st Andrew Adams

2nd Eric Girard

3rd Wyatt Smith

4th Ryan Donkers

5th Addison Brookes

Jr Light

1st Wesley Donkers

2nd Brandon Bowden

3rd Oliver Diaz

4th Alexander Klotz

5th Maverick Meyer

Jr Heavy

1st Adrian Sibbitt

2nd Griffin Nichols

3rd Cody Vigers

4th Brodi Gibson

5th Austin Gordon 

Sr. Medium

1st Ethan DeMenna

2nd Logan Prince

3rd Taylor Weber

4th Stewart Ross

5th Alexander Connell


1st Jake Collison

2nd Scott Ellwood

3rd Greg Barton

4th Adrian Donkers

5th Terry Ellwood

Cadet Class Race Starts

Starting with today’s race and moving forward the rules with regards to Tram Lines and race starts will be enforced for the Cadet class as stated in 4.12 of the WRKC 2023 Rules and Regulations.

Oktoberfest Planning and Information

The club executive has already started making plans for the Oktoberfest Grandprix, the biggest race of the year. They are starting to collect donations for door prizes. The goal is 150 prizes. In order to reach that goal we need help from all WRKC Members.
Oktoberfest registration forms will be available at our next race day (Race 10).

Year End Banquet

Planning is underway for our annual year end banquet. Tickets will be available at Race 10. Voting for Most Sportsmanlike Driver and Best Appearing Karts (by class) will take place in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Events

Race Day 10 August 26th (CW- 5A) – Qualifying
Race Day 11 September 9th (CW/Reverse-Standard Config) – Heats
Race Day 12 September 23rd (CCW- Standard Config) – Heats

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