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Welcome New Members! Please read our FAQ (below) and contact us with any additional questions.

The Waterloo Regional Kart Club (WRKC) is a non-profit organization of racing enthusiasts, their families, and volunteers. We conduct races for Karts in the South Western Ontario area. Our home track is Flamboro Speedway located on the 5th concession in Millgrove, Ontario. A regular scheduled season of races runs from April to October hosting approximately thirteen races. The mission of the WRKC is to promote the exciting sport of kart racing for the entire family in a safe and fun environment. Through sponsorships and our dedicated team of volunteers we strive to offer our members an affordable “thrill of a lifetime.”As a club we provide family racing, and being a family oriented club, we also conduct picnics, trade shows, awards banquets, and other group events. We have a Board of Directors who volunteer their time for their respective positions, and are elected annually by our membership. Likewise, our membership is asked, to volunteer some of their time while at the track, in the actual running of the races during our schedule. All ages, and associated driving skills are spanned in our club membership. In addition, any of our membership would be very happy to help someone wishing to become involved in a capacity with kart racing at a local level. We are continually open to welcoming new members, or anyone interested to any of our events through the season.

The vast majority of individuals automatically think of the “rental karts” we all have seen or been on. Our sport and associated Karts are far from the limited capabilities of these rental machines. Kart racing is a competitive sport. We are travelling much faster, coupled with handling characteristics that are equal, or in most cases greater than some of today’s high performance automobiles. So with that being said, we have provided the following frequently asked questions (FAQ), to hopefully further explain our sport. Likewise we hope it will motivate you to come out, and join us at the track in the most affordable 4 wheel racing around! All of us as a club are always looking for new members to race with, or willing to provide additional help in various volunteer positions on a race day. Please review the rules and additional information on this site.

Karting is a true family sport where families work as a team and spend quality time together. It is also affordable and unique. Karting is where most current racing drivers got their start, at local tracks in their areas at the club level. Most current racing drivers still jump into karts in the off -season to keep their reaction times up, and well not to mention that it is fun. Karting is a great sport for everyone. This sport teaches many great life lessons and has a positive impact on the lives of many people.

We know that it may be overwhelming getting started in karting. We encourage you to contact a club member or executive member so they can answer any questions you may have. You can also come out to some of our events, and watch us in action. At the track our executive members are very accessible and would be happy to answer further questions you may have.

We have a rule book to govern our racing. Our rule book can be found on our website under the ‘documents’ tab. Rule books are also available at the track.

Drivers aged 7-70 are able to compete at WRKC.

WRKC typically has six classes. Our classes are defined by age and weight (combined kart and driver). This is all in an effort to keep the racers on the same playing field within the classes. In our junior classes engines are restricted to slow them down. For more information on our class structure reference our rule book.

Go-kart racing is safe. Due to our advanced safety equipment go-karting can be considered equally safe or even safer than other sports. Our club also takes steps to ensure all participants, and spectators are in a safe environment. We have an Emergency Medical Vehicle on the premises each race day for quick medical treatment if necessary.

No. The club is insured and our events are covered by an insurance policy.

Yes, the karts are all manufactured to comply with both safety and technical regulations as created by the CIK in Europe, which sets the standard for the various manufactures and is continually updated.

We race 4 stroke Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines, 2022 will be the last year for Honda in Junior, Senior, and Masters classes.

Yes, the majority of wrenching on a go-kart can be done with simple hand tools. People at the track would be happy to show you what you need to do as general maintenance or to adjust handling

Racing karts is inexpensive when compared to other sports. Used karts are frequently available and are a good option for new karters and often come with used parts. Karts are often sold on our website’s classified website. Buyers beware that many karts for sale on the internet may not work with our club rules and may require many changes. We encourage you to talk to someone involved in the sport so they can help you find a package that is right for you.

We have both an annual membership fee, and a daily race fee to race in our club. The annual membership fee is $100 (before March 1st) or $130 (after March 1st) with discounts if registering more than one driver and the daily race fee is $70. Thanks to our sponsors and supporters we proudly have the cheapest race fees in the province.

Go-Kart, Kart Stand, Engine, Tires, Helmet (must be approved, see rule book for specs), karting suit, gloves, rib protector, and basic hand tools.

Numbers are assigned on a first come first serve basis at the beginning of the year. An understanding is in place that a driver from the same class from the prior year has the “first right of refusal of his/her current racing number”. So if your number is not currently taken, it should not be a problem. Likewise we hold that number once you have register to you for the full year.

Race day registration process is started with the Technical Sheet completion and payment of Race day fees. You will be signing the daily waiver for yourself and any family members at registration also. Two (2) practice sessions are then called by class giving you a chance to refresh yourself with the track and make any adjustments. A drivers meeting is held after the last practice session that all must attend. Races are then started by class. You are required to cross the scale after each Heat to verify your weight to the class you have raced in. Three (3) race heats are run this way with a lunch break in between. On completion of the final race, the top five finishers by class are selected for Technical inspection. Upon satisfactory technical inspection, the trophy presentation takes place.

Yes, we do in fact race in the race, with rain specific kart tires and associated rain equipment such as a rain suit and additional dry clothes.

The club has “spec” fuel. To ensure your fuel meets the rule you must get buy 91 Octane gas from the Esso Station on highway 5. Please see our rulebook for details.

A set of tires can last for more than a full season at our track.

In April we have our annual club practice day. You can also contact the track owner for private practice not associated with WRKC.

We race per our schedule found on the club’s website. We hold approximately 13 races between May- October each year.

No money is paid to winners; the top five finishers in each class receive trophies at the end of the day’s activities after any technical inspection requirements.

The race points accumulate during the season and are used towards the determination of the class championship awarded at the annual banquet.

WRKC is full of racing enthusiasts from all walks of life and ages. We just enjoy racing and spending time with friends and family, so if you do also, it will not be hard to find someone to speak to on a race day. If you are interested in racing, please take the time to come out to a race or contact any of the board members listed on the website, or check out our Facebook page and feel free to ask questions!

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