Race 7 Newsletter (Night Race)

Race 7 Newsletter (Night Race)

Event Schedule

Gates open – 3:30pm
Track setup – 4:15pm (all club members)
Registration opens – 4:30pm
Drivers meeting – 5:45pm
Single Practice – 6:00pm
Qualifying 6:45pm
Pre-Final – Following qualifying
Opening ceremonies 8:45pm
Finals Green flag 9:00pm 

Please be aware, the track is closed for on track activities Friday for the WRKC Event!

Race Day Order

Jr. Light
Jr. Heavy
Sr. Medium

Track: Standard Config (1A CCW) Format: Qualifying

To allow the Cadets to finish first we are running the same order as Race 6 (Saturday). We will continue the class rotation order with Race 8.

Welcome to the Annual WRKC July Night Race

We only have a few days left before what has historically been our best attended spectator race year of the year.  We hope everyone is looking forward to a great night of racing and fun.  The evening has always included a few surprises for our racers and this year will be no different.  All of the excitement of the opening ceremony carries over to the race track, providing some of the best feature races of the year.   If you haven’t already done so please invite your family, extended family, friends and sponsors.  This is a great opportunity for them to see for themselves how much fun it is to race with the Waterloo Regional Kart Club.

Race Day Sponsor

We are pleased to have Platinum Karts & Parts as our sponsor for tonights race. Since 2020 Craig Nichols has built an addiction to karting.  Starting as a proud Dad just spending time with his son playing with go karts, embracing the dream of one day experiencing a real life race scenario.  Where do they race?  How do I know what equipment I need?  The questions of the average parent dreaming of their child standing tall on the podium.

Started in 2021 Platinum Karts is now in full swing, a unique and respectful approach to positively continuing the growth of karting.  Craig’s honesty and passion for racing has positioned Platinum Karting in an extremely important yet crucial space in the karting scene.  Catering to all, but especially to families that are at the beginning stages of their exciting racing journey.  Platinum Karts has become a lifeline for local racers competing with all makes and models of Kart Chassis.

Whether it’s a set of tires or that rare sprocket needed to maximize a session, the Platinum family is proud to supply our future champions with affordable and high quality new and used parts.  Craig is available 24/7 and can be found on line on the Facebook group page “Platinum Karts and Parts” and instagram “@platinum_karts” to help supply, repair assistance or offer advice to anyone in need and share the Platinum family experiences of karting.

Thank you for your continued business and support of the WRKC series on behalf of the Platinum Team.

Important Information Regarding Registration

We are not be able to accept cash or cheques at the track on race days for registration.  Please register on line:  https://www.motorsportreg.com/orgs/waterloo-regional-kart-club.  

Important Note Regarding Visors

Once the lights have been turned on at the race track drivers must have a clear visor on their helmet.

Pit Notes

Not all areas of the pits have task level lighting.  Please make sure you come prepared to light your pit area to allow you to work on your kart(s), and clean up at the end of the race.

Please keep your pit area clean and leave nothing behind at Flamboro Speedway (they have a special event on Saturday).

Annual Waiver

All personnel (Drivers and Crew) must complete the mandatory online waiver to be permitted to be on track, in the grid or at the scale areas – penalties may apply for non-compliance.
Link: https://waterloowrkc.speedwaiver.com/wxbow

Race 6 Top 5


1st Cody Shaw
2nd Tyler Del Bel Belluz
3rd Jacob Ruelens
4th Everett Potter
5th Nathan Stockwell


1st Andrew Adams
2nd Eric Girard
3rd Ryan Donkers
4th Ryan Girard
5th Addison Brookes

Jr Light

1st Brandon Bowden
2nd Cole Medeiros
3rd Wesley Donkers
4th Kaegen Lillicrap
5th Alexander Klotz

Jr Heavy
1st Griffin Nichols
2nd Adrian Sibbitt
3rd Ryan Hodgson
4th Cody Vigers
5th Dominic Baggio

Sr. Medium
1st William Adams
2nd Logan Prince
3rd Ethan DeMenna
4th Ciarra Collison
5th Quintin Murdoch

1st Jake Collison
2nd Scott Ellwood
3rd Adrian Donkers
4th Shaun Koenig
5th Greg Barton

Upcoming Events

Race Day 8 July 22nd (TBD) – Heats
Race Day 9 August 12th (CCW- Standard Config) – Heats
Race Day 10 August 26th (TBD) – Qualifying

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