Race 6 Newsletter

Race 6 Newsletter

Race Day Order

Jr. Light
Jr Heavy
Sr Medium

Track: (CW-5A) – Heats

Race Day Sponsor

Reliance Precision

Reliance Precision has been providing precision machined and fabricated components to a wide range of industries since 2001. They perform prototype and production CNC machining, as well as Mig and Tig welding in a variety of materials from steels and aluminum to plastics and super alloys. These are just some of the processes we utilize to provide our clients with quality components and assemblies. Long term relationships with many outside vendors allow us to offer complete projects start to finish. Right from concept and design, through machining, fabricating heat treatment and surface finishing such as anodizing, black oxide, zinc plating and powder coating, Reliance Precision can provide products ready to ship to the end user.
They have extensive experience in OEM automotive assembly tooling and have developed a number of product quality and tooling reliability products for an ever more demanding global marketplace. Utilizing the latest in CNC machining technology and software, Reliance Precision supplies an endless array of specialty hardware, weldments, factory equipment, and specialty machinery to a wide range of industries such as automotive, health care, defence, packaging and consumer goods manufacturers.
The club would like to thank the Adam’s family for their race day sponsorship.



Important Information Regarding Registration

We are not be able to accept cash or cheques at the track on race days for registration. Please register on line.

Annual Waiver

All personnel(Drivers and Crew) must complete the mandatory online waiver to be permitted be on track, in the grid or at the scale areas
-penalties may apply for non-compliance.
(link: Speedwaiver.com)

Driver Portraits

A past member of the WRKC, Alison (McLeod) Reynolds will be at the track this Saturday doing driver portraits. Attached is a flyer on pricing and background choices. All orders will be delivered to one address to save on shipping cost.


Race 10 Results


1st Cody Shaw

2nd Nathan Stockwell

3rd Ethan Linde

4th Logan Matheson

5th Blaine Donovan


1st Andrew Adams

2nd Wyatt Smith

3rd Eric Girard

4th Ryan Girard

5th Addison Brookes

Jr Light

1st Brandon Bowden

2nd Alexander Klotz

3rd Kaegen Lillicrap

4th Oliver Diaz

5th Maverick Meyer

Jr Heavy

1st Griffin Nichols

2nd Adrian Sibbitt

3rd Cody Vigers

4th Ryan Hodgson

5th Dominic Baggio

Sr. Medium

1st William Adams

2nd Stewart Ross

3rd Ethan DeManna

4th Tyson Wassink

5th Wesley Tobin


1st Scott Ellwood

2nd Jake Collison

3rd Brian Wilkinson

4th Cheryl McFarlane

5th Greg Barton

Upcoming Events

  • Race Day 7 July 14th Friday Night (CCW-Standard Config) – Qualifying
  • Race Day 8 July 22nd (TBD) – Heats
  • Race Day 9 August 12th (CCW- Standard Config) – Heats

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