Race 5 Newsletter

Race 5 Newsletter

Race Day Order

Sr. Medium
Jr. Light
Jr Heavy

Track: (CW-2A) – Heats + BBQ

Race Day Sponsor

Wow 1 Day Painting (Hamilton)
If you’re looking for a way to refresh the look of your home or office without spending days or even weeks painting, you’re in luck. It’s hard to beat that feeling of seeing a new splash of colour in your space to brighten it up and elevate your mood every time you walk in. At WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, bringing their customers that feeling is their top priority. On top of reinvigorating your space, a visit from them can even raise its value too.
Whatever your painting needs are, trust WOW 1 DAY PAINTING to get the job done right. Their interior and exterior painting professionals are proudly serving the Hamilton area, including Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas, Grimsby, Stoney Creek and more.
Let them do the heavy lifting for you so you can take back your weekend! To get things started they will put you in touch with one of their project managers. They’ll discuss all the details of your project with you and then provide you with a detailed estimate. If you like what you see, they will assemble a crew of friendly, professional painters, as many as our needed to get your job done in just one day. Once the paint has dried and you’ve had a few days to settle into your new look their project manager will contact you to ensure your satisfied with their work.
Franchise owners John Huizing and Jane Huizing and their team would love to connect with you to discuss your painting needs. They can be reached by phone at 289-778-0797, or by email at, http://emailing [email protected].

Thanks to WOW 1 Day (Hamilton) painting for sponsoring this Saturdays Race Day.



Important Information Regarding Registration

We are not be able to accept cash or cheques at the track on race days for registration. Please register on line.


The club is pleased to be hosting a BBQ Day immediately following racing today. In addition to lunch there will be fun and games for all the kids and a surprise event being sponsored by Mr. Lube. The BBQ will be held in the public area (South East Corner) on the grandstand side of the race track. When your class is finished racing please clean up your pit area and be prepared to move to the BBQ area after the last race. Trophies will be handed out at the BBQ. We will be raffling off a Woodbine Mohawk Park track experience.
The committee organizing the BBQ has asked for the following, 1. Some volunteers to help with set up before the BBQ and to help with clean up after and 2. Salads or Desserts.

The BBQ will be lots of fun and we look forward to seeing everyone there.

Reserved Parking Spots

Many club members have reserved parking sports for all 2023 Club Race Days.  Please review the map of reserved spots and only park in spots marked as open parking to avoid parking in a members reserved spot. (https://www.wrkc.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/WRKC-RESERVED-PARKING-2023-June-7.pdf)

Annual Waiver

All personnel(Drivers and Crew) must complete the mandatory online waiver to be permitted be on track, in the grid or at the scale areas
-penalties may apply for non-compliance.
(link: Speedwaiver.com)

Race 4 Results


1st Cody Shaw

2nd Everett Potter

3rd Tyler Del Bel Belluz

4th Ethan Linde

5th Mathew Woolsey


1st Andrew Adams

2nd Eric Girard

3rd Addison Brookes

4th Spencer King

5th Wyatt Smith

Jr Light

1st Kaegen Lillicrap

2nd Brandon Bowden

3rd Alexander Klotz

4th Caleb Cody

5th Oliver Diaz

Jr Heavy

1st Griffin Nichols

2nd Ryan Hodgson

3rd Cody Vigers

4th Adrian Sibbitt

5th Brodi Gibson

Sr. Medium

1st William Adams

2nd Taylor Weber

3rd Ethan DeManna

4th Owen Colling

5th Connor Pinos


1st Scott Ellwood

2nd Jake Collison

3rd David king

4th Cheryl McFarlane

5th Greg Barton

Club Merchandise Store

The club is pleased to present a new merchandise store for members to order their very own WRKC merchandise.
Be sure to check it out so you can proudly show off your WRKC swag at the track.
All purchases from the store will result in a small donation to the club.

The club link for the store is:

Upcoming Events

  • Race Day 6 July 8th, (CW-5A) – Heats
  • Race Day 7 July 14th Friday Night (CCW-Standard Config) – Qualifying
  • Race Day 8 July 22nd (TBD) – Heats

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