Oktoberfest – October 8th

Oktoberfest – October 8th

Track Configuration
To Be Announced at start of Practice (Friday)

Qualifying Format

Race Order

Sr. Lite
Jr. Lite
Sr. Heavy
Jr. Heavy


Oktoberfest Grand Prix Sponsored by T. Weber Co. Ltd.

The Oktoberfest Grand Prix is very lucky to have again as our title sponsor T.Weber Co. Ltd, and the Weber family!

The Oktoberfest Grand Prix is a Souther Ontario racing tradition for many years.  It is fitting to have T. Weber Co. Ltd. who have been servicing the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira and surrounding area for over 45 years as our partner today.

T. Weber Co. Ltd. provides a wide range of services including asphalt paving, asphalt repairs, oil undercoating and snow plowing.

Their expertise in asphalt work ranges from residential driveway paving and repairs to large scale commercial paving projects. No jobs are too big or too small. Please call for our FREE inspection and recommendations on seal coating as well as driveway repairs or other maintenance needs.

Important Event Information

All the information you need to register is available on the club’s website or by clicking on these links:
Oktoberfest Flyer

Oktoberfest Entry Form

The pre-tech form is available for download.  Limited copies will be available at the registration bin.  You must complete a new pre-tech form each race day and submit to the pre-tech pit stall (located across from the registration bin)

Friday Practice

Friday practice runs from 3:00 – 6:30

Note: There will be no practice permitted on Friday before the official Oktoberfest practice

Volunteers Needed for Marshalling, if you are not planning to practice your help would be appreciated.

Daily Race Schedule

  • 7:00 am – gates open….trailers start arriving
  • 7:30am – registration and pre-tech open
  • 8:45 am – registration closes
  • 9:00 am –Drivers Meeting – registration bin/podium
  • 9:15 – Practice sessions ( 1 for each class )
  • 10:30 am – Qualifying
  • Lunch Break 
  • Pre-Final  and Final Feature Races
  • Post-tech
  • Trophy presentations and awards

Note: 50/50 tickets will be sold with the draw happening during the trophy presentations.

Race 13 Results


  1. Ryan Girard
  2. Cody Shaw
  3. Nathan Stockwell
  4. Everett Potter
  5. Kaden Donkers


  1. Andrew Adams
  2. Brandon Bowden 
  3. Eric Girard
  4. Jacob Johnstone
  5. Wyatt Smith

Jr. Lite:

  1. Carson McFarlane
  2. Adrian Sibbitt 
  3. Alexander Klotz
  4. Dominic Baggio
  5. Oliver Diaz

Jr. Heavy:

  1. Ty Riopelle
  2. Brodi Gibson
  3. Taylor Weber
  4. Griffin Nickols
  5. Cody Vigers

Sr. Medium:

  1. Willaim Adams
  2. Owen Colling
  3. Jordan Ramsbottom
  4. Logan Prince
  5. Anna Janssen


  1. Scott Ellwood
  2. Greg Barton
  3. Cheryl McFarlane
  4. Shawn Koening
  5. Brian Wilkinson

Event Tech Information

Spec Gas Station

The station is the ESSO station located at 1129 Hwy 5, Dundas, ON, L9H 5E2.

As a reminder:
– The fuel has to be 91 Octane
– Your race fuel is to be purchased on the morning of the race, not the night before.
– Ensure that you purge the line of any fuel left over from the last customer, to ensure you have the right fuel (recommend purging at least 2 litres).
– Always make sure your gas tank is clean to avoid contamination.

Top 5 in the final go to Tech
Let’s help each other by reminding your fellow racers to make sure they go to tech.

Minimum Weight and Restrictor Specifications.

Cadet:  .285″ slide Opening/.350 Plate (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 225
Novice:   Red slide/.500 Plate (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight Briggs 245, Honda 235
Jr. Lite:    Blue slide/ no rest (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 265
Jr. Heavy:   Yellow slide/no rest (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 300 Briggs, Honda 275
Sr. Medium:  Black slide/no rest (Honda 6.5) Kart & Driver Weight 340 Briggs, Honda 360
Masters:  Black Slide/no rest (Honda 6.5) Kart & Driver Weight 375 Briggs, Honda 385

1. All Weights are shown in imperial pounds
2. The above is provided for information only, the WRKC 2022 Rule Book will always take precedence to any other printed/posted information.

2023 Board Members Needed

If you have enjoyed your racing season and want to ensure you and others will be able to do so next year and for many years to come.

If you have some ideas for how racing could be more fun.

Please consider joining the clubs administration team for 2023.

Year End Awards Ceremony

A short note about the year end awards ceremony, it will be held on November 12th.  Make sure you save the date.  To get your tickets you can send a request to the club’s information email address: [email protected]

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!
Thank you to our new and returning sponsors for their generous contributions to the club.

Class Sponsors
Cadet              Collison Racing
        Novice            Touchwood Cabinets
   Jr. Light           Walker Machinery
                        Jr. Heavy         Network Sewer and Watermain
     Sr. Medium     Expressway Trucks
              Masters           Flamboro Machine Shop

Race day sponsors:
Reliance Precision
Silvabuilt Construction
Network Sewer and Watermain
Grindstone Landscaping
Northside Trophies
Kittys Ice Cream Garage
Expressway trucks
VSR Racing
Platinum Karts and Parts
Wow 1 Day Painting
Invisible Fence K/W
Go Hot Water.ca
Bast Medical
T. Weber Paving

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