Race #9 – August 27th

Race #9 – August 27th

Standard Track Configuration
Reverse Direction

Qualifying Format

Race Order

Jr. Lite (Track clean up after Races)
Jr. Heavy
Sr. Medium

Cadet (Track Setup)

Top 5 in the final go to Tech
Let’s help each other by reminding your fellow racers to make sure they go to tech.


Novice push back bumper rule is now in effect starting with today’s (Race #9)
See bulletin posted on website. 
Upcoming Kart stars race / WRKC race # 12. Run under Kart stars rules and format, please register your number.
WRKC Annual Banquet Date Nov 12th 2022. More info to follow.

Spec Gas Station

Please note that for this weeks race and for the balance of the season we are reverting back to the spec fuel station as stated in rule 21.9 of the 2022 Rule Book.

The station is the ESSO station located at 1129 Hwy 5, Dundas, ON, L9H 5E2.

As a reminder:
– The fuel has to be 91 Octane
– Your race fuel is to be purchased on the morning of the race, not the night before.
– Ensure that you purge the line of any fuel left over from the last customer, to ensure you have the right fuel (recommend purging at least 2 litres).
– Always make sure your gas tank is clean to avoid contamination.

Race Day Sponsor: Wow 1 Day Painting

If you’re looking for a way to refresh the look of your home or office without spending days or even weeks painting, you’re in luck. It’s hard to beat that feeling of seeing a new splash of colour in your space to brighten it up and elevate your mood every time you walk in. At WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, bringing our customers that feeling is our top priority. On top of reinvigorating your space, a visit from us can even raise its value too.

The climate in the Kitchener-Waterloo region brings us many days of cold, rainy weather—and these conditions certainly take their toll on the exterior surfaces of homes, office buildings and more. We’re ready to take care of this crucial aspect of maintenance for you in a single day—no matter how big or small the job is.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can take back your weekend! Whether you have a relaxing day planned at home or heading out for the day you’ll be relieved that you let us take care of all the painting for you.

How do we WOW you? It’s simple. We give you the quality you expect, in a timeline that’s unexpected. You’ll love being able to have your house painted without all the chaos that typically goes along with it.

The WRKC is thankful to have WOW 1 Day Painting as a Race Day Sponsor.  

Season Points

With the season winding down it’s a good time to review how points are calculated.  For those with questions regarding how WRKC club points will be calculated for the Kartstars race coming up see rule 14.7 below.  For all other race days rules 14.1 to 14.9 apply.

14.1 Heat Points: The following table will be used when awarding heat points:

14.2 Any kart that competes in the heat will receive points for that heat.

14.3 The sum of points from all three (3) heats determines event-finishing position. Transponders, if used, will be for scoring purposes only. Race procedures will continue without changes. On qualifying days – Only the final counts towards year end points.

14.4 If a tie occurs in the daily points totals, the driver with the highest finishing position in the third heat will be awarded the position for the daily awards. Both drivers will receive the same number of championship points.

14.5 Seasonal points are accumulated after each race event. Only WRKC members will be eligible to accumulate championship points. You will receive championship points as per your finishing position according to the following table

14.6 Oktoberfest: [36] Bonus points will be awarded to any driver who pays their entry fees and attends the Oktoberfest Grand Prix. Bonus points will be added to the cumulative season points for each driver. Bonus points may be awarded for attendance, irrespective of class participation (i.e. Jr driver moving to Sr. class) at the discretion of the board of directors.

14.7 KartStars: Regular season points will be awarded based on the finishing results of all WRKC members in the final race results. The highest finishing WRKC member will be awarded 40 points. The second highest finishing WRKC member will be awarded 38 points. This will continue for all WRKC members in attendance per class. 14.8 Volunteering: It is the responsibility of the drivers and/or family members (for drivers under the age of 12) to volunteer for 15 minutes assisting in the weekly tasks required to operate a race day. One class will be selected weekly for mandatory participation (i.e. Track clean-up). Failure to comply may result in a 10-point penalty.

A comprehensive list of necessary weekly tasks is available on the club website for reference.

14.9 Points Inquiries: Must be made within 7 days of the championship points being posted on the Web site.

Race 9 Results

1st Kaden Donkers
2nd Cody Shaw
3rd Jacob Ruelens
4th Nathan Stockwell
5th Everett Potter

1st Wesley Donkers
2nd Brandon Bowden
3rd Andrew Adams
4th Ryan Donkers
5th Wyatt Smith

Jr. Lite
1st Carson McFarlane
2nd Adrian Sibbitt
3rd Austin Gordon
4th Kaegen Lillicrap
5th Luka Nizic

Jr. Heavy
1st Griffin Nichols
2nd Ethan DeMenna
3rd Grayson MacDonald
4th Cody Vigers
5th Logan McMurray

Sr. Medium
1st Jordan Ramsbottom
2nd Logan Prince
3rd Isabella Rego
4th Ethan Donkers
5th Andrew Whelan

1st David Miller
2nd Brian Wilkinson
3rd Scott Ellwood
4th Terry Ellwood
5th Paul Harrison

Minimum Weight and Restrictor Specifications.

Cadet:  .285″ slide Opening/.350 Plate (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 225
Novice:   Red slide/.500 Plate (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight Briggs 245, Honda 235
Jr. Lite:    Blue slide/ no rest (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 265
Jr. Heavy:   Yellow slide/no rest (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 300 Briggs, Honda 275
Sr. Medium:  Black slide/no rest (Honda 6.5) Kart & Driver Weight 340 Briggs, Honda 360
Masters:  Black Slide/no rest (Honda 6.5) Kart & Driver Weight 375 Briggs, Honda 385

1. All Weights are shown in imperial pounds
2. The above is provided for information only, the WRKC 2022 Rule Book will always take precedence to any other printed/posted information.

Upcoming Events

  • Race Day #11 – September 10th, 2022
  • Race Day #12 – Kartstars Race – September 16-18th, 2022
  • Race Day #13 – September 24th, 2022
  • Race Day #14 – Oktoberfest GrandPrix – October 7th-8th, 2022
  • WRKC Annual Banquet – November 12th, 2022

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!
Thank you to our new and returning sponsors for their generous contributions to the club.

Class Sponsors
Cadet              Collison Racing
        Novice            Touchwood Cabinets
   Jr. Light           Walker Machinery
                        Jr. Heavy         Network Sewer and Watermain
     Sr. Medium     Expressway Trucks
              Masters           Flamboro Machine Shop

Race day sponsors:
Reliance Precision
Silvabuilt Construction
Network Sewer and Watermain
Grindstone Landscaping
Northside Trophies
Kittys Ice Cream Garage
Expressway trucks
VSR Racing
Platinum Karts and Parts
Wow 1 Day Painting
Invisible Fence K/W
Go Hot Water.ca
Bast Medical
T. Weber Paving

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