Race #5 – June 26th (Sunday)

Race #5 – June 26th (Sunday)

New Track Configuration will be announced on Sunday Morning
(Race officials will revert to standard track configuration if required due to poor weather)

Race Order

Masters (Track clean up after Races)
Jr. Heavy

Sr Medium 

Jr. Lite  (Track Setup)

Note Regarding Spec Gas for Race 5

With the Esso Station Closed for Renovations: Fuel must be purchased at the Petro Canada located at Hwy. 6 & Millgrove Side Road (Make Sure you purchase 91 Octane Fuel!!)

Race Day Sponsor: Northside Trophies


The club is very pleased to have the support of Northside Trophies & Awards as this week’s race day sponsor. They have been a long-time supporter of our club and many of their trophies are proudly displayed by our race winners and year end champions. Considering we hand out approximately 750 trophies a year they are a vital part of every award celebration we stage throughout the year. This family owned business is located in St. Jacobs Ontario that has been happily serving customers for over 35 years. The business was started in 1987, and was taken over by the current owners Dave & Robyn Gromeder in January of 1999. Northside trophies feature a complete line of award and recognition products. They provide In-house engraving, trophies, plaques, ribbons, lapel pins, glass and crystal awards. They can do sublimation, scratch engraving, and laser engraving to meet a variety of customers needs.  Their goal is to make you proud when presenting awards and to ensure you are, they check every order very carefully before it leaves the store. They have a large selection of awards on display in their showroom located at 140 Young Street St. Jacobs.

They can be reached by calling

Northside Trophies 519-664-2866

Congratulations to Race Day Number 4 Top 5 Drivers (by class):


1st Ryan Gerard
2nd Kaden Donkers
3rd Caleb Cody
4th Ethan Linde
5th Logan Matheson


1st Brandon Bowden
2nd Andrew Adams
3rd Wesley Donkers
4th Hudson Urlin
5th Eric Girard

Jr. Lite

1st Owen Solomon
2nd Carson McFarlane
3rd Austin Gordon
4th Adrian Sibbitt
5th Alexander Klotz

Jr Heavy

1st Ethan DeMenna
2nd Ty Riopelle
3rd Taylor Weber
4th Griffin Nichols
5th Alexander Connell

Sr. Medium

1st Austin Bisschop
2nd William Adams
3rd Owen Colling
4th Connor Pinos
5th Tyler Parsons


1st Jake Collison
2nd Brian Wilkinson
3rd Scott Ellwood
4th Paul Harrison
5th Shaun Koenig


Make sure to complete your waiver before coming to the track!
Waivers must be completed electronically for this race season by all participants, mechanics, and volunteers – if you are going to be on the grid at all this season you must complete a waiver! We will not be accepting any paper waivers.
Annual waivers can be completed at https://waterloorkc.speedwaiver.com/nigjl
Please be sure to complete this waiver and bring a screenshot of the confirmation to the track each race day. We will be checking that waivers are completed at registration each morning and handing out wrist bands to drivers, mechanics, and volunteers that have completed the waiver.
We will be checking wrist bands to ensure that anyone who is on the grid or track has completed a waiver and entering the grid without signing the waiver will have repercussions. 

 Important housekeeping items…

  • Pre-Tech form: the pre tech form has updated for 2022 and posted on WRKC website under documents, please make sure you print some off and hand in each event prior to going on track.
  • Registration: Registration on a regular race day will open at 7am. At this time, we will be only accepting cash or cheque at registration. Registration fees: $65.00 for a registered member, $85.00 non-members
  • Top 5 Drivers must go straight to Tech after scaling their Kart
  • Covid 19 Update: Wearing of masks is not mandatory, but we ask all participants to respect those that choose to do so.
  • Volunteer Policy: WRKC is a non-profit and completely run by volunteers. We rely on our members to help with all areas of running a race day, this is from track set up to track tear down. With volunteers helping this allows us to keep are race day fee’s considerably lower than any other track in Ontario. We will be enforcing rule 14.8 this year as noted below. See website for our complete 2022 Rule book under the document tab. 14.8 Volunteering: It is the responsibility of the drivers and/or family members (for drivers under the age of 12) to volunteer for 15 minutes assisting in the weekly tasks required to operate a race day. One class will be selected weekly for mandatory participation (i.e. Track clean-up). Failure to comply may result in a 10-point penalty.
  • A class mayl be picked and a roll call conducted to ensure all drivers are at the drivers meeting.  FAILURE TO ATTEND THE DRIVERS MEETINGS WILL RESULT IN THE DRIVER STARTING FROM THE BACK OF THE GRID FOR THE NEXT 2 HEATS (RULE 4.10).

Rules Reminders

More Safety in the Pits and Starting Grid

Carrying on with our focus on safety, with a view to also reviewing important expectations of all racers to help make the day enjoyable for all our members.  Clause 5.9 states the importance of keeping your pit area clean of debris such as oil, paper, pop cans, tires etc.  Used oil and tires must be leave the track with you at the end of the day.  They can’t be left in the track supplied garbage cans.  The goal is for you and us as a whole to leave the track and your pit area cleaner than you found it.  The club would appreciate everyone’s help with doing their part.

Pictures of your race day are always a great way to share your racing fun with your family and friends. But please note, the club doesn’t allow the use of unmanned non-permitted aerial vehicles.  These are commonly referred to as Drones.  For more specifics on this please review Clause 5.7.

Scoring sheets are posted after each on track session for each class as soon as they have been approved by the Chief Scorer or their designate.  It is important that they are not removed from the official notice board.  Doing so will result in a full DQ for the day.

When exiting the spectator stands pedestrians have to make sure they don’t interfere with any of the competitors on the grid or getting their karts to the grid.  Always proceed to the back of the grid and walk around any competitors that are getting ready to race.  Following this rule is important to help eliminate congestion in the grid area, but more importantly it is to ensure the safety of everyone that attends a WRKC race day.  Please advise any family or visitors of the important of following this rule.

Note: The above is a summary of the rule. The WRKC 2022 rule book should be consulted if you have any questions regarding the rule or require more information.

Minimum Weight and Restrictor Specifications.

Cadet:  .285″ slide Opening/.350 Plate (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 225
Novice:   Red slide/.500 Plate (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight Briggs 245, Honda 235
Jr. Lite:    Blue slide/ no rest (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 265
Jr. Heavy:   Yellow slide/no rest (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 300 Briggs, Honda 275
Sr. Medium:  Black slide/no rest (Honda 6.5) Kart & Driver Weight 340 Briggs, Honda 360
Masters:  Black Slide/no rest (Honda 6.5) Kart & Driver Weight 375 Briggs, Honda 385

1. All Weights are shown in imperial pounds
2. The above is provided for information only, the WRKC 2022 Rule Book will always take precedence to any other printed/posted information.

Upcoming Events

  • Race Day #6 July 9th 2022
  • Race Day #7 July 15th 2022 (Friday)

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!
Thank you to our new and returning sponsors for their generous contributions to the club.

Class Sponsors
Cadet              Collison Racing
        Novice            Touchwood Cabinets
   Jr. Light           Walker Machinery
                        Jr. Heavy         Network Sewer and Watermain
     Sr. Medium     Expressway Trucks
              Masters           Flamboro Machine Shop

Race day sponsors:
Reliance Precision
Silvabuilt Construction
Network Sewer and Watermain
Grindstone Landscaping
Northside Trophies
Kittys Ice Cream Garage
Expressway trucks
VSR Racing
Platinum Karts and Parts
Wow 1 Day Painting
Invisible Fence K/W
Go Hot Water.ca
Bast Medical
T. Weber Paving

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