June Update

June Update

WRKC is excited to begin our 40th season of racing on Sunday, June 20th when we will be hosting driver training and club practice. Driver training will be hosted from 8am until 12pm. Driver training is intended for all first and second year drivers to obtain on-track experience and basic karting education. WRKC will be hosting a club lead practice as well from
1pm – 5 pm. Entry fee for Driver Training is $30. Entry fee for practice is $50.00. Members participating in both Driver Training and practice will be $50. All members participating must register at the WRKC container on June 20th. Race 1 will be held on June 26th, sponsored by Expressway Trucks

With Covid-19 restrictions changing in Ontario we wanted to share a few details on how WRKC plans to keep our Volunteers and members safe.

All members and crew must fill out a Covid-19 screening form, please print off and fill out and bring with you for each WRKC event.

Until Ontario enters Stage 2 of the reopening plan, teams are limiting Crew to one driver & 3 crew members per kart, or immediate family.

Pit entrance will be monitored from 6:30am until 10:00 am. Everyone entering must wear supplied  WRKC wristband as this will allow us to track attendance for each event.

Until the public health recommendations are revised, please ensure every member is wearing a face coving when in all public areas, such as the grid or scale area.

Teams are to use every 2nd pit stall to allow proper distancing, similar to 2020. There will not be pre-paid reserved pit stalls for 2021. Parking will be  first come, first serve. Please be mindful of the WRKC designated spaces reserved for the scale area, pre-tech and tech.

As the public health situation is improving in Ontario and people continue to get vaccinated, WRKC is optimistic that we will have a safe and enjoyable 40th season of racing!

If there are any questions we can be contacted at  [email protected]

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