RESULTS: WRKC AGM and Executive Election

RESULTS: WRKC AGM and Executive Election

Just a quick recap of today’s meeting;

We would like to thank all the people that took the time to come out on this cold morning and show their continued support for this club.   We had a strong turnout that speaks volumes to us.

ByLaw #4 has been voted and accepted by the membership.

We want to thank all 15 people that put their names in for Director and announce the following 5 have been voted in by the membership;

Jake Collison
TJ Marshall
David Miller
Gerry Reis
Jeff Smith

The 2018 WRKC Executive Team

Jake Collison
Mike Dawson
Christine Dryden – Treasurer
Lisa Macrae
TJ Marshall
David Miller
Gerry Reis
Scott Robertson
Jeff Smith
Andrew Tarr
Todd Alger – assumes Past President

Thanks again to our departing 2017 Executive for their hard work and countless hours dedicated to this club over the last year and some 2 years or more.

Vanessa Bisschop
Mike Brittain
Brad Buckler
Gary Colling
John Geldart
Ken Gill
Shannon Green
Shannon Quinton
Ed Whelan
Scott Watkins

Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks for the 2018 racing schedule, Sponsor openings, coming events and more.

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