Race 3 Newsletter

Race 3 Newsletter

Race Day Order

Jr. Heavy
Sr. Medium
Jr. Light

Track: CW/Reverse – Standard Configuration,  Format: Qualifying

As in past seasons, we will rotate the class order on a set cycle each race day. 

Race Day Sponsor

How many businesses can boast statistics like: 10,000 projects completed, 1000 happy customers (and counting), and 45 years in business?  Tri-County Sandblasting can, and we are delighted that they are our race day sponsor.  

Since their inception in the mid 70’s Tri-count has evolved into a “State of the Art” Blast corporation. They operate the most efficient and reliable mobile equipment which makes them one of the top Sandblasting companies in South Western Ontario. Whether it’s their traditional dry grit blast units, or their dustless blast and dry ice capabilities, they strive to be an industry leader. 

Their strength comes from a culture of continuously growing and improving their equipment and efficiency.   Housed in a 200,000 square foot building, they are also able to boast the largest fleet of mobile equipment in South Western Ontario.   Tri-County Sandblasting has always stayed focused on 3 goals, being the best supplier of services for their customers, providing a safe workplace for their dedicated employees, and outstanding workmanship for every job.   whether it’s wall art, lawn ornaments, or automotive parts there are no jobs too big or too small.

To learn more about their sandblasting services you can visit their website at www.tri-countysandblasting.com or give them a call at 519-648-2754

Registration Update

The WRKC is continuing the migration to online sign-in.  The deadline for being fully online is Race 4 (our next race day).  Starting with Race 4 cash or cheques will not be accepted at the track.  Please complete the registration process and create your profile on MotosportReg as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

The link with listings for all our active events is:  https://www.motorsportreg.com/orgs/waterloo-regional-kart-club.  

Registration on MotorsportReg will generally open approximately 7 days prior to the event and close at 8:00 am on the day of the event.

Annual Waiver

All personnel (Drivers and Crew) must complete the mandatory online waiver to be permitted to be on track, in the grid or at the scale areas – penalties may apply for non-compliance.
Link: https://waterloowrkc.speedwaiver.com/wxbow

Race 2 Top 5


1st Cody Shaw

2nd Nathan Stockwell

3rd Everett Potter

4th Ethan Linde

5th Logan Matheson


1st Andrew Adams

2nd Eric Girard

3rd Wyatt Smith

4th Conner McMurray

5th Austin Seburn

Jr Light

1st Brandon Bowden

2nd Alexander Klotz

3rd Kaegen Lillicrap

4th Caleb Cody

5th Olivier Diaz

Jr Heavy

1st Griffin Nichols

2nd Austin Gordon

3rd Cody Vigers

4th Ryan Hodgson

5th Dominic Baggio

Sr Medium

1st Ciarra Collison

2nd Ethan DeManna

3rd William Adams

4th Wesley Tobin

5th Stewart Ross


1st Jake Collison

2nd Brian Wilkinson

3rd Scott Ellwood

4th Cheryl McFarlane

5th Greg Barton

Pre-Technical Inspection Self-Declaration

Each participant must submit a completed Pre-Technical Inspection Self-Declaration form to the Technical Inspectors.  The competitor is responsible to ensure the Pre-Tech form is completed in its entirety, providing all relevant and accurate information.  Blank copies of the Pre-tech Self Declaration forms are available to all drivers ahead of time at Registration, or the club website. (www.wrkc.on.ca). 

At each event a specific class(es) will be required to bring their karts and all safety equipment for pre-tech inspection.  All or any karts may be subject to a pre-inspection.

All competitors must have their Pre-Technical forms completed and accepted by the Technical Inspectors before heats or qualifying sessions begin, or before a designated time.  All competitors are responsible for ensuring their kart meets all the technical requirements through the entire race day.  Any competitors found on track without having competed the Pre-Technical Inspections and Self-Declaration are subject to a penalty.

For further information with regards to the Pre-Tech process and to ensure you are fully compliant competitors should review Rule 30.1 of the WRKC 2023 Rule Book.

 Club Merchandise Store

The club is pleased to present a new merchandise store for members to order their very own WRKC merchandise. Be sure to check it out so you can proudly show off your WRKC swag at the track. All purchases from the store will result in a small donation to the club.

The club link for the store is:

Upcoming Events

Race Day 4 June 17th, (CCW – 3D) –  Heats
Race Day 5 June 24th, (CW-2A) – Heats + Annual Club BBQ
Race Day 6 July 8th, (CW-5A) – Heats

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