Race 2 Newsletter

Race 2 Newsletter

Race Day Order

Jr. Heavy
Sr. Medium
Jr. Light

Track: Standard Configuration – CCW,  Format: Heats

As in past seasons, we will rotate the class order on a set cycle each race day. 

Race Day Sponsor

We are pleased to have Mechanical Edge Automotive Inc. as our race day sponsor.  Since 2015 they have worked hard to build a loyal customer base and be a preferred choice for those in need of automotive service for their vehicles in Burlington and the surrounding area.  The secret to their success is providing up front clear quotations that explain the work that needs to be done, and following through with quality work, at competitive pricing.  They work on all makes and models of vehicles and provide service for many fleet accounts. 

Their 5 bay full service repair shop complete with all the necessary equipment to perform general automotive work including alignments is located on Plains Road East between Guelph Line & Brant Street.  Russel Brookes and his team of 5 dedicated mechanics are available from 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.  For more information or to book an appointment their phone number is 905-634-0040, or you can send an email to [email protected].

Registration Update

The WRKC is continuing the migration to online sign-in.  The deadline for being fully online is Race 4.  Starting with Race 4 cash or cheques will not be accepted at the track.  Please complete the registration process and create your profile on MotosportReg as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

The link with listings for all our active events is:  https://www.motorsportreg.com/orgs/waterloo-regional-kart-club.  

Registration on MotorsportReg will generally open approximately 7 days prior to the event and close at 8:00 am on the day of the event.

Annual Waiver

All personnel (Drivers and Crew) must complete the mandatory online waiver to be permitted to be on track, in the grid or at the scale areas – penalties may apply for non-compliance.
Link: https://waterloowrkc.speedwaiver.com/wxbow

Race 1 Top 5


1st Cody Shaw

2nd Nathan Stockwell

3rd Everett Potter

4th Logan Matheson

5th James Miller


1st Andrew Adams

2nd Eric Girard

3rd Wyatt Smith

4th Spencer King

5th Addison Brookes

Jr Light

1st Brandon Bowden

2nd Kaegen Lillicrap

3rd Alexander Klotz

4th Oliver Diaz

5th Sawyer McFarlane

Jr Heavy

1st Cody Vigers

2nd Brodi Gibson

3rd Adrian Sibbitt

4th Austin Gordon

5th Ryan Hodgson

Sr Medium

1st Stewart Ross

2nd William Adams

3rd Ethan Stasila

4th Wesley Tobin

5th Logan Prince


1st Scott Ellwood

2nd David King

3rd Greg Barton

4th Jody Girard

5th Cheryl McFarlane

Important Technical Notes

The WRKC 2023 Rule Book rule 17.3 Front Axle- is being amended by copy of this newsletter.  It is no longer permitted to utilize self locking nuts “only” on the front axle spindles.  Spindle nuts must be c-clipped, snap ringed, wired, or cotter-keyed.  Front axles spindles must be machined to accept c-clips, or snap rings or have a hole drilled for wire or cotter-pins.

With regards to tires used in dry conditions at all WRKC race events for the 2023 season the tires must be Vega St. NordAM (Blue) with an ONT stamp.   For more information please refer to section 16 of the WRKC 2023 rule book.

For the safety of our racers, team members, families and visitors, scooters, bicycles and skateboards, (manual or motorized) are not permitted in the pit area, during all WRKC events.  This is clearly stated in rule 5.13 of the WRKC 2023 rule book.

Pets at WRKC Race Days

The WRKC loves pets.  Help us make the race day fun for all.   Please make sure there are no pets on the track, grid, or scale area.  Excessive barking is not permitted, and always clean up after your pet.

 Club Merchandise Store

The club is pleased to present a new merchandise store for members to order their very own WRKC merchandise. Be sure to check it out so you can proudly show off your WRKC swag at the track. All purchases from the store will result in a small donation to the club.

The club link for the store is:

Upcoming Events

Race Day 3 June 3rd, (CW/Reverse – standard config) – Qualifying
Race Day 4 June 17th, (CCW – 3D) –  Heats
Race Day 5 June 24th, (CW-2A) – Heats + Annual Club BBQ

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