Race #2 – May 28th

Race #2 – May 28th

Race Order

Sr Medium (Track clean up after Races) 
Jr. Lite
Jr. Heavy
Novice (Track Setup)

Note Regarding Spec Gas for Race 1

With the Esso Station Closed for Renovations: Fuel must be purchased at the Petro Canada located at Hwy. 6 &Millgrove  Side Road

Race Day Sponsor
Network Sewer and

Network Sewer and Watermain Ltd. (NSW) specializes in the development, construction and servicing of municipal water mains, sewers, road works, earth moving, landscaping and demolition.  NSW is an operating division of the Network Group of companies that include divisions specializing in Underground utilities, Sand and Gravel, and Express Plumbing and Electrical.  The company was founded in 1994 when Donald Medeiros took over the family business at the age of 18.  

The last 2 decades have seen a rapid growth of the business.   The Network Group has been awarded numerous multi-million dollar infrastructure contracts and their staff now exceeds 150 employees.   Their success is attributed to the simple and fair way they do business.  The NSW experienced management group is able to accurately estimate man hours, and the resources required to create a budget that allows them to complete projects on time, and ensure the client will be happy they awarded the contract to NSW.

Like all well managed construction businesses to be successful the well being of employees and providing a safe working environment is essential.  A key to their success has been making sure core values such as public safety, employee safety, and doing it right the first time are planned into every project.

The WRKC thanks NSW for their support of the club by being today’s race day sponsor. 

Congratulations to Race Day Number 1 Top 5 Drivers (by class):


1st Ryan Girard
2nd Cody Shaw
3rd Spencer King
4th Logan Matheson
5th EJ Aquino


1st Brandon Bowden
2nd Wesley Donkers
3rd Cole Medeiros
4th Eric Girard
5th Ryan Donkers

Jr. Lite

1st Carson McFarlane
2nd Owen Solman
3rd Austin Gordon
4th Dominic Baggio
5th Oliver Diaz 

Jr. Heavy

1st Taylor Weber
2nd Ethan DeManna
3rd Ty Riopelle
4th Grayson MacDonald
5th Cody Vigers

Sr. Medium

1st Madison Colling
2nd Andrew Whelan
3rd Ethan Donkers
4th Ethan Stasila
5th Anna Janssen 


1st Jake Collison
2nd Brian Wilkinson
3rd Paul Harrison
4th Scott Ellwood
5th Cheryl McFarlane


Make sure to complete your waiver before coming to the track!
Waivers must be completed electronically for this race season by all participants, mechanics, and volunteers – if you are going to be on the grid at all this season you must complete a waiver! We will not be accepting any paper waivers.
Annual waivers can be completed at https://waterloorkc.speedwaiver.com/nigjl
Please be sure to complete this waiver and bring a screenshot of the confirmation to the track each race day. We will be checking that waivers are completed at registration each morning and handing out wrist bands to drivers, mechanics, and volunteers that have completed the waiver.
We will be checking wrist bands to ensure that anyone who is on the grid or track has completed a waiver and entering the grid without signing the waiver will have repercussions. 

 Important housekeeping items…

  • Pre-Tech form: the pre tech form has updated for 2022 and posted on WRKC website under documents, please make sure you print some off and hand in each event prior to going on track.
  • Registration: Registration on a regular race day will open at 7am. At this time, we will be only accepting cash or cheque at registration. Registration fees: $65.00 for a registered member, $85.00 non-members
  • Top 5 Drivers must go straight to Tech after scaling their Kart
  • Covid 19 Update: Wearing of masks is not mandatory, but we ask all participants to respect those that choose to do so.
  • Volunteer Policy: WRKC is a non-profit and completely run by volunteers. We rely on our members to help with all areas of running a race day, this is from track set up to track tear down. With volunteers helping this allows us to keep are race day fee’s considerably lower than any other track in Ontario. We will be enforcing rule 14.8 this year as noted below. See website for our complete 2022 Rule book under the document tab. 14.8 Volunteering: It is the responsibility of the drivers and/or family members (for drivers under the age of 12) to volunteer for 15 minutes assisting in the weekly tasks required to operate a race day. One class will be selected weekly for mandatory participation (i.e. Track clean-up). Failure to comply may result in a 10-point penalty.

Rules Reminders
Hopefully it doesn’t happen often but every racer during the season will probably end up stopping on course at some point.  To ensure the safety of all race participants every driver needs to be familiar with rule 4.20 (Stopping on Course) of the 2022 WRKC Rule Book.  As a reminder we have summarized the rule.

  1. Competitors are to assist with the removal of their kart from the track as quickly as possible if safety permits.
  2. Karts may not be serviced or repaired within 3 kart lengths of the racing surface.
  3. Competitors forced to stop on the racing surface during practice or an event, the driver must raise their arm to signal approaching competitors that they are immobile.
  4. Any violation of a rule stated in  4.20 may result in disqualification from the heat.
  5. Competitors stopped on the race surface must always wear a helmet.  This means that until they have walked back into the pit area they must be wearing their helmet.

Note: The above is a summary of the rule. The WRKC 2022 rule book should be consulted if you have any questions regarding the rule or require more information.

 Assigned / Prepaid parking:

The club is offering prepaid parking for WRKC events, (the Kart Stars and Oktoberfest event are excluded)
This will be on a first come first served basis, more information is available at :[email protected] 

Minimum Weight and Restrictor Specifications.

Cadet:  .285″ slide Opening/.350 Plate (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 225
Novice:   Red slide/.500 Plate (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight Briggs 245, Honda 235
Jr. Lite:    Blue slide/ no rest (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 265
Jr. Heavy:   Yellow slide/no rest (Honda 5.5) Kart & Driver Weight 300 Briggs, Honda 275
Sr. Medium:  Black slide/no rest (Honda 6.5) Kart & Driver Weight 340 Briggs, Honda 360
Masters:  Black Slide/no rest (Honda 6.5) Kart & Driver Weight 375 Briggs, Honda 385

1. All Weights are shown in imperial pounds
2. The above is provided for information only, the WRKC 2022 Rule Book will always take precedence to any other printed/posted information.

Upcoming Events
Race Day #3 June 11th, 2022 Standard Track Configuration (CW Backwards Configuration)

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!
Thank you to our new and returning sponsors for their generous contributions to the club.

Class Sponsors
Cadet              Collison Racing
        Novice            Touchwood Cabinets
   Jr. Light           Walker Machinery
                        Jr. Heavy         Network Sewer and Watermain
     Sr. Medium     Expressway Trucks
              Masters           Flamboro Machine Shop

Race day sponsors:
Reliance Precision
Silvabuilt Construction
Network Sewer and Watermain
Grindstone Landscaping
Northside Trophies
Kittys Ice Cream Garage
Expressway trucks
VSR Racing
Platinum Karts and Parts
Wow 1 Day Painting
Invisible Fence K/W
Go Hot Water.ca
Bast Medical
T. Weber Paving

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