Race #2 – July 10

Race #2 – July 10

Race Day #2 – Sponsored by Reliance Precision

Reliance Precision has been providing precision machined and fabricated components to a wide range of industries since 2001. We perform prototype and production CNC machining, as well as Mig and Tig welding in a variety of materials from steels and aluminum to plastics and super alloys.  These are just some of the process we utilize to provide our clients with quality components and assemblies. Long term relationships with many outside vendors allow us to offer complete projects start to finish. Right from concept and design, through machining, fabricating heat treatment and surface finishing such as anodizing, black oxide, zinc plating and powder coating, Reliance Precision can provide products ready to ship to the end user.

We have extensive experience in OEM automotive assembly tooling and have developed a number of product quality and tooling reliability products for an ever more demanding global marketplace. Utilizing the latest in CNC machining technology and software, Reliance Precision supplies an endless array of specialty hardware, weldments, factory equipment, and specialty machinery to a wide range of industries such as automotive, health care, defense, packaging and consumer goods manufacturers.

Printable race order for July 10th.  Note the race order emailed out was incorrectly dated for July 11th.

Race #1 Recap
Our first race of 2021 was an exciting one thanks to Mother Nature supplying us with heavy rain in the morning. The weather did not scare away the over 70 karters who took to the track including many rookie drivers. Thanks to all the members that lent a helping hand to others around them when it was time to swap tires and get karts going in the rain. Congratulations to Ainsley MacDonald (Cadet), Alexander Klotz (Novice), Ty Riopelle (Jr. Light), Owen Colling (Jr. Heavy), Lucas Smith (Sr. Medium), and Jody Girard (Masters) for turning the fastest laps in qualifying and securing the pole position.

By lunchtime, the sun was shining and we were able to complete our features in dry conditions. The top of our podium saw some first time winners as well as long-time veteran drivers. The final top-5 results for all classes are displayed below:


  1. Cole Medeiros
  2. Eric Girard
  3. Ainsley MacDonald
  4. Andrew Adams
  5. Luke Medeiros


  1. Alexander Klotz
  2. Rhys Margo
  3. Brandon Bowden
  4. Adrian Sibitt
  5. Jake Turner

Jr. Light

  1. Ty Riopelle
  2. Taylor Weber
  3. Cody Vigers
  4. Dalton Watson
  5. Alexander Connell

Jr. Heavy

  1. Owen Colling
  2. Ethan Donkers
  3. Ethan DeMenna
  4. George Grosul
  5. Connor Pinos

Sr. Medium

  1. Ciarra Collison
  2. Lucas Smith
  3. Andrew Whelan
  4. Wesley Tobin
  5. Jordan Ramsbotton


  1. Jake Collison
  2. Paul Harrison
  3. Terry Ellwood
  4. Jae Pepin
  5. Jody Girard

Congratulations to all participants and thank you to all of our volunteers and race day sponsor Expressway Trucks for making WRKC’s race #1 a success

Update to COVID-19 Protocols

As Ontario has entered step 2 of their reopening plan, motorsports are permitted to have spectators at 25% of capacity.

Please continue to be respectful of others by giving people space to socially distance and wear masks when distance is not possible (ie washrooms, podium, grid, ect).

Rules Reminders
We would like to remind everyone of a few rules prior to race #2. Please refer to the full WRKC rulebook for the full regulations.

  • Everyone must remain on the spectator side of the fence unless they have permission to cross the fence. Please do not open the gate at the start finish line without permission
  • When your class is on the grid please ensure you are placing your go-kart in a painted grid square, no karts should be starting from behind the last painted grid square
  • All drivers are required to hand in a pre-tech form before entering the track for practice. Top-5 drivers are required to report directly to the tech area (to the right of the washrooms) following the final

Revised Procedures

We would also highlight some of the changes to our normal race day structure.

  • Please park in every other pit pad to assist with physical distancing
  • Parking Map
  • Yearly waivers for driver and race team – Please sign and submit a one time waiver that will cover the full 2021 race year and hand in to registration.   This includes the full family/crew on site.  Please write kart # and class at the top of the sheet.
  •  Member Waivers
  •  Minor Waive

Official COVID19 protocols are attached, please print a copy and read.


Required Waivers & Forms

The Pre-Tech form is available for download.  Limited copies will be available at the registration bin.  You must complete a new pre-tech form each race day and submit to the pre-tech pit stall (located across from the registration bin)

Yearly waivers for driver and race team – Please sign and submit a one time waiver that will cover the full 2021 race year and hand in to registration.   This includes the full family/crew on site.  Please write kart # and class at the top of the sheet.
Member Waivers
Minor Waiver

Revised Parking Procedures
Please make note of the revised parking map that can be found below. Parking must be done this way until further notice!

Please note, if all personal vehicles could park outside the pit gate. This will help minimize the congestion in the pit area.

Click on image below to download/print a larger version.


The ESSO station located on the North side of hwy 5 approximately 2 KM east of Hwy 8 & Hwy 5 intersection. To return to the track proceed North on either Westover Rd. or Middletown Rd. to 5th Concession Rd and then turn right (east)

Daily Race Schedule

  • 6:30 am – gates open….trailers start arriving
  • 7:00 am – registration and pre-tech open
  • 8:00 am – registration closes
  • 8:00 am – practice commences ( 2 for each class )
  • 9:30 am – driver’s meeting
  • 9:45 am – racing starts ( qualifying format or heats format)
  • 2:00 pm – racing ends
  • 2:00 pm – 3:00pm – post-tech , trophy presentations

Entry fees – $65.00 per registered WRKC member, $85.00 per non
member. Payment for this is Cash Or Chq Only please.

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