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Race #10 – Sat. Aug 10th

Race # 10 is sponsored by Rosy Recreational Swimming Pool Construction.  Rosy Recreational specializes in the installation of both Vinyl and Fibreglass swimming pools. With each new challenge, they bring years of experience and a tradition of excellence.

Rosy Recreational designs and constructs custom Inground vinyl and fibreglass swimming pools. As a pool builder, they apply their skill and specialized knowledge to create the best pool for you and your family. With a progressive design approach and building practices that go beyond the industry standard, they create pools that offer beauty, personalized function, and superior structural integrity for years to come.

A printable race order can be viewed with the following link  Printable Race Order .   If you find you find yourself parked in an area that does not allow you to hear the loud speakers well, we also broadcast across FM channel 100.3.

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