WRKC 2019 Executive Nominations

WRKC 2019 Executive Nominations

We are now accepting nominations for Director positions on the WRKC Executive board for the 2019/2020 seasons.  We have 5 Director openings to fill which is half of the 10 member board of Directors.

Please email Christine Dryden with your nominations by Sunday, December 2nd ([email protected]).  All nominations must be accepted by the nominee as we don’t want people forced into a role they are not committed to fulfilling.

A Director is required to attend monthly meetings where we discuss finances, event planning, rules and regular club business along with taking responsibility for projects or events.   A director must also be a WRKC member in good standing or parent guardian of a member and thus become an associate member for the seasons elected.  Each Director is asked to commit to a 2 year term so that we don’t have to deal with the possibility of a full turnover of directors in any given year.  Five current directors will be entering into their 2nd year term and will remain on the executive for 2018. Those directors that have completed their 2 year term can add their names back onto the nomination list for the next 2 years. We will continue to accept nominations for WRKC Directors until Sunday, Dec. 2nd deadline.   President, Vice President and Treasurer will be determined by the directors with the first board meeting in January.

Voting of the Directors will take place at our next AGM in January.   Further details will be posted here in the coming weeks.


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