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Still Have the Urge to Race?

We have been informed that there are 2 separate Enduro races planned for this weekend !

Saturday, October 20th –  Simcoe Kart Club

The Simcoe Kart Club is hosting a yearend CASH Enduro on Saturday, Oct. 20 at 3-S Go Karts in Sutton.
The track is available for practice every day from 11 am until sundown.
Camping and parking is always free.

Novice – Briggs 240 lbs.
Junior – Briggs 300 lbs, – Yellow Slide 300 lbs., Blue Slide 255 lbs.
Senior – Briggs 340 lbs.
Masters – Briggs 380 lbs.
HONDA ENGINES welcome.  Will race with a 15 lbs. weight advantage.
Open 2 Cycle Class – ‘Bring What You’ve Got’.

Event Details:
Track Configuration: Senna – raced in the counter clockwise direction.
Pre-Registration is available on Friday from 11 am to 6 pm.
Race Day Registration opens at 8:00 am and is available throughout the day.

Entry Fees (cash only please to facilitate the presentation of the cash prizes):

  • $100.00 for 2 racers sharing 1 kart,
  • $85.00 for single racer.

Enduro times: Novice 45 minutes; all other Classes 1 hour.

Surprise mandatory Pit Stop Challenge will be announced at the Driver’s Meeting;

All CASH Prizes (no trophies): Cash paid to classes with 8+ entries: 1st place $150.00 and 2nd place $50.00.

Race Order:

  • Driver’s Meeting at 9:15 am,
  • Practice starts at 9:30 am,
  • 2 sessions per Class,
  • Starting positions determined by La Mans
  • First race starts at 11 am in the order of the Classes listed above.

Spec Fuel Station: Esso located at 26233 Hwy #48 across from the Sutton Motel.
The Simcoe Kart Club invites all ASN Canada FIA affiliated karters to come and race with them in their CASH Enduro special event on Saturday, Oct. 20 at 3-S Go Karts in Sutton.   See you there!!!

Sunday, October 21st –  Hamilton Regional Kart Club

HRKC Members and HRKC Guest Drivers,
We are inviting you to participate in our Season Ending 2 hour Enduro race.

Event Info:
Season Ending 2 hour Enduro race  – October 21st, 2018
7am – 9:30am – Registration
8am – 9:30am – Open Practice
9:45am – Drivers Meeting
10am – Drivers and karts Report to Scales for Weigh in and Start Draw 10:30am – Green Flag 12:30pm – Checkers Flag

Cost – $70 plus tax / non members $80 plus tax

Jr 4 Stroke – JR Briggs 300LB, JR Briggs Lite 255, Honda Jr 290.
Sr 4 Stroke – Sr Briggs 340LB, Honda Sr 330LB
Masters – Briggs Masters – Briggs 375LB, Honda 365LB
Race Length:
2 hours all classes combined.

-Standing Le Man style Start (Mechanics cannot leave the grass to push the

Driver Change:
Two drivers in the same class can share the kart. If a team decides to split the kart, the new driver must scale during the 7 min pit stop. (HRKC encourages drivers to race as individuals, but the option is that of the team)

All drivers must make a mandatory 7 min pit. Pit stop will be determined and regulated via Transponder timing. Each team is required to monitor there own 7min pit time. The kart teams are permitted to change anything during the stop. The only exception is that weight can only be removed for Split teams but never added. (IE. The light driver must start the race).

Track Entry:
Drivers on track will not be permitted to cross the track entry blend line to ensure save track entry. Entry will be controlled by officials.

All regularly driving standards apply as per ASN Canada and HRKC Supplementary book.

See you all Sunday morning,
Trevor Wickens


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