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Rescheduled Race #6 – Sept 15th

We would like to thank Trevor McDonald, The Massage Pro for his continued support of the club and Sponsor for this weeks race !

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A printable race order can be viewed with the following link  Printable Race Order .   If you find you find yourself parked in an area that does not allow you to hear the loud speakers well, we also broadcast across FM channel 100.3.

The 2018 Pre-Tech form is available for download.  Limited copies will be available at the registration bin.  You must complete a pre-tech form each race day and submit to the pre-tech pit stall (located across from the registration bin)

Scoring volunteers: As we are nearing the end of the season, we are looking for interested members that would like to learn the computer scoring system for future seasons.   Come and join Vanessa and Christine up in the scoring tower above the concession stand when practice sessions start and we would be happy to demo or hold more detailed training sessions.

Oktoberfest:   LAST CHANCE to submit discounted early registrations this weekend.    All entries received after Sept. 15th will be $85.00    Last week to get in your program ads, karter thank you’s, and business cards for advertising.    If you have any favorite photos from this season that you would like to submit for consideration in our annual Oktoberfest program, please forward photos and ads to Christine Dryden.

Attention Brigg’s racers:    WRKC would like to welcome all Junior, Senior and Master’s Brigg’s competitors to join us at our remaining 2018 events competing with our Honda members.   Entry fee is $80.00 for all Non WRKC members (non club points) and non points for any WRKC members that choose to run a Briggs engine.     Briggs weights will be as follows;

Jr Heavy  315 lb
Senior      360 lb
Master’s   385 lb.

Spec Gas Station

 ***  91 OCTANE ONLY  ***

 The ESSO station located on the North side of hwy 5 approximately 2 KM east of Hwy 8 & Hwy 5 intersection. To return to the track proceed North on either Westover Rd. or Middletown Rd. to 5th Concession Rd and then turn right (east)

Daily Race Schedule

6:30 am – gates open….trailers start arriving
7:00 am – registration and pre-tech open
8:00 am – registration closes
8:00 am – practice commences ( 2 for each class )
9:30 am – driver’s meeting
9:45 am – racing starts ( qualifying format or heats format)
2:00 pm – racing ends
2:00 pm – 3:00pm – post-tech , trophy presentations
Entry fees – $60.00 per registered WRKC member, $80.00 per non member.

Please note that the first 2 pit stalls located across from the registration bin and next to the concession stand are reserved for Sponsors and tech.  Please leave these 2 stalls open for all karting events.

The Flamboro Speedway Concession stand will be open for late breakfast and lunch.

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