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Race #9 – Night Race July 20th

Attention Brigg’s racers:    WRKC would like to welcome all Junior, Senior and Master’s Brigg’s competitors to join us at our remaining 2018 events competing with our Honda members.   Entry fee is $80.00 for all Non WRKC members (non club points) and non points for any WRKC members that choose to run a Briggs engine.     Briggs weights will be as follows;

Jr Heavy  315 lb
Senior      360 lb
Master’s   385 lb.

We hope to see some old and new faces join us at this great annual event !

We would like to thank Paul Harrison Construction for Sponsoring our annual night race !


It’s time for our Annual Night Race!!!  The race order has been adjusted for the night race and will go by age from youngest to oldest.    Friday Night’s race will also be Qualifying format. Drivers remember NO DRAFTING during qualifying or your times will be thrown out. Due to noise bi-laws we are on a tight time deadline for our night race, and so will be adhering to a strict schedule for the evening.

3:30pm – Gates Open – Due insurance restrictions, there will be NO PRACTICING FRIDAY PRIOR TO OUR EVENT

4:30pm – Registration – Remains open until 5:30pm
Track Setup Attention EVERYONE
5:30pm Drivers meeting
5:45pm Single Extended Practice
6:45pm Qualifying – Kart number order – high to low lineup
Break – followed by Driver parade and our National Anthem
-Tech & track tear down attention EVERYONE COME OUT AND HELP MASTERS
-Trophies, followed by Fireworks Finale!

We will be moving very quickly through the running order and we will do our best to keep the announcements flowing. Again, please leave the first 2 pit stalls next to the tech area open for our Race Day Sponsor and our Tech lead.

Note: Drivers MUST wear driving suits for trophy ceremony!

Spec Gas Station

 ***  91 OCTANE ONLY  ***

 The ESSO station located on the North side of hwy 5 approximately 2 KM east of Hwy 8 & Hwy 5 intersection. To return to the track proceed North on either Westover Rd. or Middletown Rd. to 5th Concession Rd and then turn right (east)

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