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Race #7 – July 7th

Reminder:  July 7th is the annual WRKC picnic/BBQ over in the East field after racing.  Don’t miss out, there will be GREAT PRIZES for registered drivers but you will have to be present to win !   Each driver will receive 2 picnic tickets to be redeemed for a meal.  Extra meal tickets will be available at registration on July 7th for $10.00 each.

Race # 7 is sponsored by Rosy Recreational Swimming Pool Construction.   Rosy Recreational specializes in the installation of both Vinyl and Fibreglass swimming pools. With each new challenge, they bring years of experience and a tradition of excellence.

Rosy Recreational designs and constructs custom Inground vinyl and fibreglass swimming pools. As a pool builder, they apply their skill and specialized knowledge to create the best pool for you and your family. With a progressive design approach and building practices that go beyond the industry standard, they create pools that offer beauty, personalized function, and superior structural integrity for years to come.

A printable race order can be viewed with the following link  Printable Race Order .   If you find you find yourself parked in an area that does not allow you to hear the loud speakers well, we also broadcast across FM channel 100.3.

The 2018 Pre-Tech form is available for download.  Limited copies will be available at the registration bin.  You must complete a pre-tech form each race day and submit to the pre-tech pit stall (located across from the registration bin)
Race Monitor – for those that don’t already have this app, we offer Race Monitor live feed on the grounds during our events. See the attached document for more details.  We are considering broadcasting live feed through to the internet but this will require a subscription to Race Monitor and a data plan on your cell phone.  This would also allow friends/family/supporters not at the track to be able to monitor your races from anywhere.    If you would prefer this to be a local on track free service please let Christine know at registration.   Majority will rule.

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