UPDATE: WRKC 2018 Election and AGM

UPDATE: WRKC 2018 Election and AGM

We have an updated ballot list for everyone and it is being emailed out to all 2017 members on Thursday, January 11th.    Many have asked for the updated Bylaws to be sent to them, they were embedded in the email and should be highlighted with a colored link.

SAVE the DATE – Saturday January 13th (10:30am) – Millgrove Community Centre (851 Millgrove Side Rd, Waterdown, ON)

We will be holding a separate WRKC Annual Meeting (AGM) for 2018 which will include a vote to accept our amended By-Laws and complete our annual election of Directors.

We have been working with a legal team to bring our by-laws in line with the Ontario Corporations Act.   Our 2017 Directors have reviewed and accepted  the revision at our latest November board meeting, and 2nd reading at our December board meeting.   We have emailed a copy of the revised bylaws to all 2017 WRKC Members as of Dec 23rd to allow time for everyone to review them prior to the AGM.  If you are a 2017 Member and have not received an email, please contact Christine Dryden or any of the 2017 Executive and they will be sure to forward it to you.

Our order of business for the 2018 AGM

  • Review 2017 Financial Statement
  • Review of 2017 Season and plans for 2018
  • Membership Vote to accept Amended Bylaws
  • New Business and Discussion
  • 2018 Election of Directors

Returning Directors for 2018 (completion of their term)

Andrew Tarr
Mike Dawson
Lisa Macrae
Scott Robertson
Christine Dryden – Treasurer

Directors Openings  – We have confirmed the 2018 Executive will be set at 10 Directors.  A Director is required to attend monthly meetings where we discuss finances, event planning, rules and regular club business along with taking responsibility for projects or events.   A director must also be a WRKC member in good standing or parent guardian of a member and thus become an associate member for the seasons elected.

There are 5 Director openings to fill and the following names will be on the Ballot.

Stu Robertson – Media submitter and parent of Scott Robertson (Sr Driver)
Brad Buckler – Pit Stewart, photography, past President, past Director, long time member and supporter of the WRKC
Jeremy Riopelle – parent of Novice racer
Lori-Ann Ramsbottom – parent of Jr Lite driver
Gerry Reis – Masters Member – long time member and supporter of the WRKC
TJ Marshall – Sr Medium Member – long time member and supporter of the WRKC
David Miller – Sr Member – long time member and supporter of the WRKC
Jake Collison – Masters Driver, past Vice President and past President, long time member and supporter of the WRKC
Darron Glasgow – parent of Jr Lite driver
Steve Adams – parent of Jr Lite and Jr Heavy drivers
Gary Colling – parent of Novice and Jr Heavy drivers, past director and long time member of the WRKC
Jeff Smith – past Director, past President and long time member and supporter of WRKC
Shannon Quinton – parent of Jr Lite driver, past director, long time member and supporter of the WRKC
Scott Watkins – parent of Novice driver and past Director
Lisa Black – parent of Novice driver and spouse of Scott Watkins

Note: We have removed the nominations for the President, Vice President and Secretary as defined in the ‘Corporations Act’, these positions are to be voted on by the Directors at the first Board Meeting after the election.

All 2017 members will be eligible to vote at the January 13th AGM and should have been  emailed further detailed instructions.    Voting results will be tallied by a minimum of 3 members – TBD.    The new 2018 Executive will be introduced before the 2018 season begins.

Please note that the purpose of a proxy vote is to have someone vote on your behalf as you would have voted, not to provide someone multiple entries to use for their own purposes.   Please consider this before giving away your vote.   


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