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WRKC Executive Election Update

We are delaying our 2018 Executive Election as we are in the process of updating our club bylaws with the assistance of a legal team.   Once these bylaws have been approved, we will proceed with the election of the new WRKC board. Anyone who has submitted nominations or confirmed acceptance of nominations will be contacted once we finalize the new election schedule.

We will continue to accept nominations for WRKC directors and executive for the 2018 season.   We have a maximum of 5 director openings to fill.    Each Director is asked to commit to a 2 year term so that we don’t have to deal with the possibility of a full turnover of executives in any given year.  5 current directors will be entering into their 2nd year term and will remain on the executive for 2018.   Those directors that have completed their 2 year term can add their names back onto the nomination list for the next 2 years.

Returning Directors for 2018

Andrew Tarr
Mike Dawson
Ken Gill
Lisa Macrae
Scott Robertson

Christine Dryden – Treasurer

Nominations will be accepted for the following;

President            – must be a current or previous director in good standing with the club

Vice-President   – must be a current or previous director in good standing with the club

Co-Treasurer      – 1 opening to assist Treasurer – must have Quickbooks knowledge, responsible for all club bookkeeping, monthly reports and yearly executive elections.

Secretary            – 1 opening – must attend all monthly meetings, recording and presenting meeting minutes.

5 Directors         – maximum of 5 openings –  A director is required to attend monthly meetings where we discuss finances, event planning, rules and regular club business.   A director must also be a WRKC member in good standing or parent guardian of a member and thus become an associate member for the seasons elected.

Please submit your nominations by email to Christine Dryden before the announced deadline.   If you are nominating a member on their behalf,  the nominee must accept the nomination before their name is added to the ballot.

The timing of the election will be posted once it is finalize.  All 2017 members will be eligible to vote.     Results will be tallied by a minimum of 3 members – TBD.    The new Executive will be introduced before the 2018 season begins.


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