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2017 WRKC Executive

We have closed nominations for the 2017 Executive.

We had 7 director openings as well as treasurer and secretary.  Since we received no additional nominations over positions to fill, all nominations will be acclaimed into the role and there will be no requirement for a membership vote.

We would like to thank our departing WRKC Executive for taking time and effort over the past years to help guide and shape this club.    Please be sure to thank each of them personally as you see them over the remaining events.

John Wright,  Scott Fletcher,  Wayne Robillard,  Dale Robinson 


The 2017 Executive will be formally introduced at this years banquet

President: Todd Alger
Vice President:  Jake Collison
Past President:  Brad Buckler
Treasurers: Christine Dryden, Mike Brittain
Secretary:  To be confirmed at December meeting

Directors: Vanessa Bisschop, Gary Colling,  Mike Dawson, John Geldart, Ken Gill, Shannon Green, Lisa Macrae, Shannon Quinton, Scott Robertson, Jeff Smith, Andrew Tarr,  Scott Watkins, Ed Whelan

Thanks to each of these people for stepping up and taking on these important roles as we head into the 36th year of WRKC Racing.


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